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Ray Shmidt

Roads to Resources Tour, a winter cycling trip from Dawson City to Tuktyuktuk in the Canadian Artic.

Eating was high on the list of priorities for the trip. We had to eat, and eat lots. HotHuck's Foods, a Vancouver based company provided us with some delicious meals. We had a choice of Veggie Ground Chili, Veggie Ground Italian and Veggie Ground Curry. Each package packs small yet provides a large amount of vegetarian meaty sauce when added to water. As a result of HotHuck's, dinner was our most compact meal. And the taste! All three of us raved about the chili which we ate over rice, cous cous or mashed potatoes combined with an assortment of dehydrated vegetables. We also enjoyed the curry and Italian both for their taste and ease of preparation.
We were honored to work closely with Brenda Hotte, the mind behind HotHuck's. Her enthusiasm about our trip and her dedication to her product were impressive. Her dedication to providing quality goods is certainly evident in her product.
Brenda provided us with an ample supply of food to experiment with prior to the trip and also got us in touch with a dietician and outdoor nutrition consultant, who gave us further insight into our caloric requirements.


The Canadian Pole to Pole Expedition

I just wanted to send you a quick update from the road to tell you that your HotHuck’s Veggie Ground is turning out to be the perfect fuel while on the road. All the best from El Calafate,Patagonia, Argentina

Benjamin Sanders, Director Pole to Pole, Crew Expedition Team Leader 



The Mount Stanley Expedition Uganda

"Our expedition got lost along the remote border region between the African countries of Uganda and DR Congo trying to find a route down from the Rwenzori glaciers to the River Semliki in order to prove the melting glaciers are a true source of the River Nile. We eventually made it out of the 'no man's land' and back to civilization. Fortunate our HotHuck’s meals made more then we anticipated so we remained well feed.

Thanks again for your support of The 2008 SOLIO Mount Stanley Expedition!

Julian Monroe Fisher is a noted explorer and adventurer. He is also a Fellow with The Royal Geographical Society in London and an International Fellow with The Explorers Club in New York City. He was the Expedition Leader for the 2008 Mount Stanley Expedition that was accredited by The Ugandan Wildlife Authority for establishing a new route within the Rwenzori Mountains National Park that proved conclusively that the Rwenzori glaciers are a true source of the River Nile.  



Algonquin Park Charity Swim
I just got back from a charity swim across Algonquin Park and wanted to thank you for providing us with food that tasted like food. With 80km of swimming and 80km of portaging I wasn’t sure if the HotHuck’s’ Tomato Italian Veggie Ground was really going to satisfy. I have to say that it was probably the best dinner of the trip. We had been eating all the same meals that tasted bland when all of a sudden this Spaghetti dinner came out of no where! It was only a week long trip but because we were trying to pack as light as possible our options were limited and pre-fab meals were chosen. Looking back, I wish we exclusively packed HotHuck’s Veggie Ground - dinners would have been much more delicious, comforting and filling. Boil in a bag is out- Huck’s is in!
I bought another package and cooked some veggie stew when I got home and was surprised that it was still delicious. HotHuck’s Veggie Ground is probably one of the only things that taste just as good off trip as it does on! Thanks so much and keep up the delicious work!

Nora Livingstone


The Lamb-Horths set off on a bicycling honeymoon that ended up lasting 10 yrs & 70,000 miles through 25 countries

“My husband and I have recently completed a bicycle tour of 32,000 kilometers from Argentina to Alaska. During that time we passed through Vancouver Canada and came across your product. I bought the store out (well almost) and dined heartily all the way up to Prudhoe Bay, the northernmost point by road in North America. I have been highly recommending them ever since.”

Alycea and John-Paul Lamb-Horth

Photo to left from People Magazine, February 2, 2000, Vol 53 #7


International Diabetic Expedition Argentina’s Aconcagua - the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere

HotHuck’s Veggie Ground meals were very appropriate for our climbing expedition. We really appreciated that they were quick cooking since all food takes longer to cook up at high altitudes. The Huck’s Italian meal was what I ate for summit day. The altitude was affecting my appetite at that point I had no problem with my Huck’s Meal. One of the members of our climbing team actually emailed me: the chili you made was delicious – one of the best meals of the trip. I would say that it came the closest to home cooked taste of all the meals we prepared.

Katherine Brant-Wells Summit team member Aconcagua 2000