HotHuck’s Veggie Ground

 Say yes to a hearty bolognaise pasta sauce, dig into a bowl of spicy chile and bring back the memories of buns laden with sloppy joes. HotHuck’s Veggie Ground Is a vegan plant based protein replacement for ground meat but with out the beef, cholesterol or saturated fat.

You will not find Huck’s Veggie Ground in the cooler of your local store it will be on the shelf. So how does it compare with what is in the cooler?  All the ingredients are similar except we don’t add water or wheat so if you are sensitive to gluten go ahead and give Huck’s a try and no water means no refrigeration and a longer shelf life naturally. Your meals will cook just as quick but we believe they will have more flavour and a meatier texture then soy plant proteins from the cooler. You just need to cook Huck’s a bit different. We do add Chicory Root Fiber (inulin) which is prebiotic and will help feed the good bacteria in your gut which helps your immune system to keep you healthy.

  1. Sauté all your veggies
  2. Add your liquid ingredients and bring to a boil
  3. Add Huck’s Veggie Ground, bring to a boil for one more minute then simmer for 5.

This is the perfect method for making one pot meals to serve with rice, quinoa or pasta and as fillings for lasagna, burritos and wraps. Huck’s Veggie Ground will absorb flavour and nutrition from the veggies and spices. The texture will be a bit firmer with more of a bite.

The first time you cook HotHuck’s Veggie Ground it is best to follow one of our recipes but if you are trying to replace Huck’s in an existing recipe and are not sure what to do follow this method

Vegan       11g protein       Saturated and Trans Fat Free              Wheat Free        4g  fiber   80 calories per serving


Veggie Ground Tex Mex

Mildly spicy with just the right kick when making chili, tacos, burritos and all your tex mex favorites.


Veggie Ground Italian

Gentle touch of Italian seasoning with tomato. Use to make a traditional style bolognaise sauce to put on pasta or as a filling for lasagna also makes a great sloppy joe to put on a crusty bun.


Veggie Ground Indian Curry

We have been told it makes a Kemah just like moms. Use in a filling for samosa or create a curry wrap with garden greens.


Veggie Ground Lean

The original and all round veggie ground to make any number of ground meat style dishes including pasta sauce, chili, sloppy Joes. If you have your own special recipe in mind Veggie Ground Lean is your Vegan Choice