Food Service

HotHuck’s Line of Veggie Products options for your ethical and health conscious customer.

Fresh Tasting

Keep your menu simple by switching Huck’s Veggie Ground to replace meat in many of your standard recipes

Keep your cost low and save energy

Vegan   11g protein   Saturated and Trans   Fat Free   Wheat Free   4g fiber   80 calories per serving

Food Service Products

Product Code Description Pack Size
30500 Lean Veggie Ground 5 kg – 200 serving
30100 Chili Veggie Ground 5 kg – 200 servings
30200 Italian Veggie Ground 5 kg – 200 servings
30300 Curry Veggie Ground 5 kg – 200 serving
30400 Veggie Burger Classic 5 kg – 200 serving

HotHuck’s Veggie Foods provides variety when adding more plant–based meals to your menu. I would be happy to help develop/supply recipes for your specific needs.

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