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Brenda Hotte,  HotHuck's

Brenda Hotte, HotHuck's

When I first started working with the ingredients to make Huck's Veggie Ground, I did not know how many other people were also searching for a way to live healthy lifestyles by reducing or eliminating meat in their diets and eating more plant proteins.

Today we support healthy living at home, on the road, and in schools. All of our products have met the strict guidelines for BC schools and public buildings "Choose Most" category for meat and meat alternatives. This is the top category and can be served everyday.

We believe good nutrition, health, fitness, and adventure are all related, and so we support individuals who take on challenges in the effort to make the world a better place!

Our secret recipe for a greener planet

You will not find HotHuck's Veggie Foods in the cooler because our products are water free. Not only is it not necessary, we believe it is a better product without. Your meals will cook just as quick but with more flavour and texture. When you cook and add liquid to Huck's Veggie Ground it will suck up nutrition and flavour from the vegetables, spices and herbs and still be ready in 5 minutes

No refrigeration is needed for the warehouse, shipping, retail location, or in your home. If you're not shipping water, you can ship much more product in the same space. We know you'll love the fresh taste and versatility of HotHuck's products.