HotHuck's History
Brenda Hotte & Frits Huckriede sailing in 1995 HotHuck's was born at sea! It was in 1995, and my husband and I were in the midst of a year-long sailing adventure through the waterways of Europe and the Mediterranean, preparing for the long voyage across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. With an unknown landing date and limited refrigeration, preparing our food supplies was going to be challenging, and it forced me to look at food in new and unfamiliar ways. I knew plant proteins offered a wealth of healthy possibilities but I craved that meaty texture and versatility of ground beef. A month at sea and a boatload of new foods gave me the time and tools to experiment. One creation in particular sparked my imagination, and when I got back to Vancouver used this idea as the starting point of HotHuck's.

Brenda Hotte & Frits Huckriede, "HotHucks"